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The VastuShastra Education and Research Foundation (VERF) endows with a wide-ranging Vedic series of courses on the theory and application of Vastushastra, the science of living in harmony with our Nature. We also provide advanced training courses and live interactive sessions on Reiki, Angel Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Numerology and Dowsing.


The Vasturaviraj Institute offers various VastuShastra courses to teach the potential students the science and art of VastuShastra. Here, we present an updated syllabus and latest study material to give you an in-depth understanding of Vedic VastuShastra and practical expertise to make a successful career in the field of VastuShastra.


The Vastu Training program is a complete package that will prepare you as a Vastu consultant and develop complete understanding of Vedic as well as Contemporary aspects of VastuShastra.


The intensive Vastu learning can be taken in diverse levels to gain knowledge, even though you don’t want to turn into a practitioner. The course material gives a see-through picture of special aspects of Vastu; making it scientific and rational. It will enable you to distinguish between myth and reality thus making the prospects very clear.


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