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Dowsing or Divining is one such method to receive intuitive replies from pendulum by reaching beyond the limitations of known knowledge.
“Dowsing is an Art, it is a Sacred Art and as we embrace dowsing, we come from our heart and involve our spirit.”

The technique of ‘Dowsing’ is very ancient and it is difficult to estimate the time  of origin of the same.  This practice has its deep roots in ‘Nature” and must have developed about 3000 to 4000 years ago.

In essence, the animals are gifted by  nature with an intuitive sense  of Dowsing. Thus, it is apparent, the art of Dowsing  is an integral part of their physical existence.

 At times, we come across  a few  people who  are naturally gifted  with  the art of Dowsing.  Some others having an ability to trace the source of water below the ground and can precisely predict the place where we can find water or reveal the place of hidden treasures.

Many saints  without the aid of any external devices,  by the virtue of spiritual powers,  can find correct answers for questions relating to the present and future.  A few spiritually advanced individuals through the grace of the Almighty are blessed with occult faculties.  Many times, they get a fleeting  image  in front of them which gives a  glimpse of the future events.  We can term this as supernatural or a phenomenon transcending the five senses.

To carry out the activities in this external world, an individual uses the five sense organs of skin, Ears, Nose, Eyes and Tongue.  However, when a person visualizes an experience beyond these five sense organs,  it then transpires that the individual has supernatural faculties.

We find people with such occult or super powers very rarely.  However, by learning the techniques  of the art of Dowsing  we can succeed in finding answers to many specific questions.  It is very easy to learn the technique of Dowsing but proper practice is very important.

The art of Dowsing has its origin in India but today it is extensively practiced abroad than in our own Country.  Many Doctors are using the techniques of Dowsing in their profession to enhance their skills.  During ancient times, the technique of Dowsing was used to locate the presence of water below the surface of the earth.  However, since the First World War this method is used to locate the oil sources and other valuable minerals beneath the  surface.

During the present century, a lot of research has been undertaken on the subject of Dowsing and as a consequence this system is used for a variety of purposes.  Dowsing is used effectively in the medical field, to locate the specific  disease in an individual, the cause of the alignment, the remedies and the line of treatment which can be beneficial.

Through the process of Dowsing, it is possible to explore whether a particular place is ideal or otherwise, the energy fields in that place and we can also come to a decision in acquiring that place. If a person is unfortunately lost, it is possible through Dowsing to  ascertain whether that individual is alive or dead and if alive the place of the present stay.

Dowsing is an exciting phenomenon and it is possible to spot underground water and other natural treasures.  Dowsing also enables  prediction of  future events.  It is difficult but not impossible to explain how  this marvelous phenomenon  works.

The person who practices  this technique is endowed with meta physical powers.  These powers are not external but are inherent in every individual.  Due to the various external influences this faculty becomes latent.  Through  a proper use of this technique,  it is possible to perform many tasks which seem impossible.

The individual practicing ‘Dowsing’ establishes contact with the Cosmic Energy through the power of endurance and intuition.  It is very important to maintain perfect harmony of the mind, body and soul for the Dowser.  Such an individual should be stable and should have purity of mind.  A person with a spiritual orientation can easily master the art of dowsing.  We can therefore conclude that ‘Dowsing’ is a meta physical art which enables us to foresee  those events  which is not apparently possible for the common people.


* Many tools are used for practicing the art of ‘Dowsing’.  Everyone can select the tools as per    one’s choice.

* The most common and natural tool used for this purpose is a ‘Y’ shaped Branch or twig of a     tree.  This  resembles a catapult  which children use for fun and   can be easily  obtained .     Similarly, ‘Dowsing’ can be practiced by using two ‘L’  shaped rods made of thick iron strings,     in both the hands.  However, the use of ‘Pendulum’ is an extremely   popular tool used for     ‘Dowsing’   in the present times mainly because it is very simple and convenient.

* A ‘Pendulum’ in its simple form is a slightly heavy article or item attached to the end of a string    or a thread.  The ‘Pendulum’ can be of any shape, metal, any non metal, ‘Rudraksha’ or even    crystal.  Irrespective of the substance utilised,  through regular and methodical  use of this    technique it is possible to obtain accurate answers for the questions.


The pendulum should be tied to a string of approx. 6 to 9 inches in length.  The end of the string should be held gently with the thumb and index finger.  After holding the pendulum gently as above,  the question should be addressed to Pendulum in such a manner that an answer will be elicited  which should be either  ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  The Pendulum gives an answer to such a question through certain special movements.

* When the movement of the pendulum is circular &  “Clockwise” it indicates a positive     (affirmative) answer to the question.

* When the movement of the pendulum is circular &  “Anti Clockwise” it indicates a negative     answer to the particular question.

* When the movement of the pendulum is not circular but from the top to bottom and vice    versa in long swings it indicates a positive reply  to some  extent to  the question.

* When the motion of the pendulum is from i)  left to right or ii) right to left or iii) from top to    bottom in a linear direction, it is indicative of a negative reply to the question.

* When the pendulum remains still without any movement it is indicative of the fact that the     pendulum is not inclined to answer the particular question.

The state of the mind and the body is of vital importance during the process of Dowsing. A pleasant state of mind should be maintained during Dowsing.  One should be emotionally stable, should not be sick, suffering from any ailments, tired, seized with any mental tension or extremely happy while performing Dowsing.

Absolute cleanliness should be ensured and one should maintain a pleasant disposition while practicing  Dowsing.  Just prior to the commencement of ‘Dowsing’ one  should offer prayers for a few  minutes, eliminate all the thoughts from the mind and   maintain a calm mental  disposition.  After holding the Pendulum in proper position, the question should be visualized mentally with closed eyes and the process of Dowsing should commence subsequently.