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Don’t ignore the problems

We rarely come across a house devoid of any problems. Usually, we tend to ignore the problems until they become grave. Today we shall discuss a house with an abundant inflow of money. The problem however is that the wealth does not last. With the help of Vastushastra we can mitigate this problem by controlling the wasteful expenses.
Entrance to the house from the North is ideal. Location of living room from North to Northeast and God’s altar is positive. The children bedroom is in Southeast which is the place of fire element. Therefore, the children tend to be irritable. The kitchen is in West which is negative with a bearing on health of female members. Toilet and bathroom is in the south axis. In effect the result is four major vastu defects in this direction. These severe vastu defects are responsible for wasteful expenses. The location of parent’s bedroom in the northwest is likely to result in arguments due to effect of wind element. The presence of master bedroom in the southwest is a positive and stabilizing factor. Apart from suggesting placement of the treasury near the bed in southwest there was little scope for further relocation in this vastu.
These vastu defects were responsible for the major problems faced by family. However, by adopting specific vastu remedies the house was made 95% positive.

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