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Directors Profile

Director’s of Vasturaviraj Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao (PhD) and Mrs. Manjushree Ahirrao.


Profile of Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao

Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao is a pioneer in the field of “Vastushastra” He has been awarded as Doctorate (Ph.D) for his research work in the subject. He has done extensive study in the beneficial application of vastu techniques for human welfare and has developed effective remedies to neutralize vastu deficiencies. He has also presented several papers in many professional forums in India and abroad.

 He is recognized as:

 India’s largest house in Vastushastra consultancy & Education.

  • Most experienced revered personality in Indian Vastushastra.
  • He is not only an erudite scholar but he is also a prolific speaker.
  • He was invited by International Communication Forum to deliver a lecture on “Vastushastra, a Boon to Communication Industry” at Davos, Switzerland in 2015 and the function was attended by Top guns from 45 countries including representative of President Barack Obama, USA.
  • Founder of Vastu Remedies without structural demolition.
  • He is respected as Guru by more than 7500+ students in India and abroad.
  • Subscribing articles for many newspapers like Time of India, Economic Times, Loksatta,Sakal, Pudhari, Lokmat and also for various magazines and periodicals.
  • Regularly delivering lectures at several social, cultural, Industrial, Academic Institutions, association of Business, Developers.
  • Writer of several Books on Vastushastra in Marathi, English & Hindi.
  • Has appeared in more than 400 one Act plays in Marathi Drama stage theatre.
  • Awarded gold medal for research paper on peace and harmony in life through Vastushastra at International conference held in Mauritius in 2001
  • Received special appreciation at Asia – Construction 2001 held at New Delhi.
  • Awarded Gold medal at a conference on alternative medicines Colombo, November, 2001
  • International open University of Colombo has awarded doctorate in Vastushastra in November, 2001.I
  • He is regularly appearing on TV Shows & 750+ Episodes on many Channels.
  • 32000+ satisfied customers across 23 countries.
  • 20+ vastu experts under one roof.
  • Unique in India & in the field of Vastushastra.
  • Offices at Thane, Pune, Singapore, Sydney, Dubai.
  • 2000+ Real Estate Projects corrected through remedies.
  • Motto is to make Vastushastra a Global Service Industry.

Profile of of Mrs. Manjushree Ahirrao

  • Founder and Managing Director of India’s largest house in Vastushastra Education and Research.
  • Most successful female Vastushastra Expert & consultant.
  • Renowned Reiki Grandmaster
  • Has given Vastushastra guidelines to more than 20 thousand families & various projects.
  • Spiritual development through the medium of Reiki to Thousands of families.
  • Successful pathologist, nature care and Aroma specialist during the initial stage of professional life.
  • Counseling through Reiki, spiritualism & through Research in the field of Vastushastra.
  • Deeply engrossed in research in the field of Vastushastra, Reiki, for the ultimate benefits of Humanity.
  • Instrumental in the establishment of Vastushastra Education and Research foundation for the spread & research of this ancient traditional Indian science. Relentlessly pursuing the avowed objectives of securing international recognition to this science at the university level. Untiring efforts for presenting Vastushastra as rational science through compilation of analytical data on Vastushastra.
  • A trusted name in the field of Vastushastra among political leaders industrialist, businessman, Administrators various institutions & households.
  • There is recognition and demand for Fengshui in many part of the world. Fengshui is only an extension of our own Vastushastra which is priceless treasures. Securing international recognition and marketing of Vastushastra globally is our cherished goal. Generation of employment / foreign exchange through promotion of Vastushastra has been the motto.

Received various awards like ——

  • Maharashtra Journalist foundation, Pune “Bhaskar Award 2007 pride of nation”

Vastu Ratna Award for meritorious accomplishment in the diverse field of activities. Immensely contributed for the nation’s progress by integrated council for Economic progress at Hyderabad on 21/12/2005.