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Cuts in all Directions

It is indeed true that every house has certain positive and negative features from the point of view of Vastushastra due to which the inmates face a blend of good and bad experiences. Today, we will discuss about a house that is large in size with entrance from the North. This aspect is positive ensuring a perennial flow of wealth. The living room extends from West to north and is partially positive. God’s altar is ideally placed in Northeast. The position of the bathroom in northeast is positive while that of toilet is negative.
Presence of master bedroom in South is fine, but the toilet + bathroom in the Southwest axis and cuts plus ducts on rear side have resulted in four vastu defects. There are cuts in all the directions except Northwest. The extensive cut in North is another major vastu defect.
Toilet in Northeast and cut in the North may hamper academic progress of children and cause health problems. Cuts in southeast may lead to unproductive expenses and delays. The vastu defects in the West can further aggravate these problems leading to financial losses, instability etc.
As scope for realignment is limited, residences with such severe vastu defects require special treatment. Through the use of certain special techniques and placement of pyramids, yantras etc., we made the house 95% positive. Pyramids alone are always insufficient but in combination with Yantras, the results are marvelous. The beneficial results were evident within a short time and the residents are now greatly satisfied.

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