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Cuts as per Vastushastra

The shape of a vastu should be essentially square or rectangular. But these days to enhance the front elevation of the building, a number of design features are incorporated. This results in a building not being perfectly square or rectangular in shape due to the removal of some portion for giving the effect of elevation. This is also referred to as cuts in architectural science. This causes an interruption of the energy waves and results in vastu defects.

It is interesting to observe that in the western countries of Europe and America most of the buildings constructed are either square or rectangular in shape. However, in Asian countries particularly India, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore buildings are constructed in different shapes. It is ironical that in the countries which adore Vastushastra a competition has evolved to propagate vastu defects. The advocates of buildings with peculiar shapes cite the reason of ensuring good light and ventilation in such structures. It is relevant to note that even the countries of the West attach great importance to the availability of sunlight and ventilation in their architecture. Moreover, creation of pleasant environment can be ensured naturally in a building with square or rectangular shape. These buildings also have a charm and graceful look of their own. They absolutely do not resemble a box or compartment. A cut in any direction of the vastu is not proper and leads to defects. Cuts in different directions result in different negative effects.

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