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With the aim to eliminate all forms of environmental stress and Vastu defects, Vasturaviraj provides VastuShastra consultancy & remedial services to generate positive transformations in your home, site location, places of worship and business sectors. We strive to create a harmonious atmosphere that supports your health, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment through Dr. Raviraj Vastu Spiritual Services. Regardless of their utilities, all the complexes are well-planned as per VastuShastra in adherence to Architectural science, considering the Government bye-laws and a practical approach as per your requirements.


Consultancy for Existing Structures:

  • Balance your home and office environments, aligning celestial and earth energies using specific re-alignment tools and technology.
  • Correcting Vastu defects and providing remedies for existing Vastu without structural demolition.
  • Any on-going project, if causing delay or creating complications can be evaluated from the perspective of VastuShastra and with remedial measures, situation can be improved.


Consultancy for New Structures:

  • Selection of the most favorable site for home, office or plot.
  • Planning & Designing of Personalized schematic building and environmental design based on clients’ requirement.
  • Interaction with your local architect to create construction drawings.
  • Advice on ecologically friendly building materials.
  • Suggestions regarding interior design, including colors, lighting and furniture placement.
  • Recommendation of landscape design and plantings that, are both aesthetically pleasing and energetically balanced.
  • Construction sequencing – specific guidelines from groundbreaking to completion


Redevelopment Through Vastushastra

  • There are thousand of old dilapidated structure all over Mumbai and other part of India which are due for revelopment.
  • However completing all formalities necessary to finalise a redevelopment deal is a serious problem. According to my studies over 60% of redevlopment projects are held up the stage.

    According To Indian vastushastra….

  • Presence of strong and multiple vastu defect in Noth – West region of the said building are mainly responsible for creating disharmony, lack of co-ordination and unanimity among the residents to finalise the decision of redevelopment. These vastu defects can  be excessive heaviness, open space, slope or unholy structure.
  • A combination of vastu defects in North – West  with South – East may lead to strong serious disputes, police matters and / or legal battle among the residents or amount the contenders of redevelopment
  • Vastu defect in South – East region leads to delay or obstacle in the redevelopment process. Lack of the fire element imbalance in heaviness open  space, slopes or presence of water body in this region can be nature of vastu defects.
  • Similarly vastu defect in South – West like presence of water body, heavy slope or cut in plot, having maximum open space  or light weight structures in this region leads to strong hurdies or blockages in the process of redevelopment.
  • Vastu defects in South – East region mainly affect the project during initial stage even though there is sufficient money, material and manpower with developer.
  • Vastu defects of North – East like, life presence of heavy structure, lack of water body having high raise in plot, existence of unholy structure or public utility place in and around North – East region. These vastu defects mainly affect the speed of work at all stages of development .
  • If excessively heavy structure is developed in North – East compared to all other direction in North – East compared to all other direction there are chance of the project coming to a stadstill
  • In shorts vastu defects in existing old building lead to delay and obstacles in geaing up the process of redevelopment. As a result of these inharitatants has to bear with unhygienic life, full of risk and danger.
  • Application of vastushastra services right from initial stage of redevelopment process makes the projects easy, Smooth faster and time bound.

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