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Yantra Mantra Gatha – A must read HEALER…

Mar 06, 2013 by vasturaviraj Comments: 2

Yantra Mantra Gatha While the Yantra according to the ancient Indian culture has always been an instrument, the Mantra is a sound, alphabet, a word or a string of words with resonating sounds. The Mantra is considered to bestow peace of mind and thus able to create a transformation of oneself. The transformation may arrive as cleansing of the air around and the mind but may also bring spiritual enlightenment. Although there has been a huge collection of Mantras in almost every religion, the Mantras  have one thing in common. This is their relationship to the mind and the thoughts. As such a Mantra is the gist of a thought process resulting in an alphabet or a string of words and bringing relief. With thousand of such Mantras available in various religions, there has been a total apathy in getting them together in a treatise and to present them for the overall betterment of the mankind. In Chinese language a Mantra is equated to True Words. Although “Yantra-Mantra-Gatha” is presented in Marathi by Vasturaviraj, the volume has to be acknowledged for the incere efforts of collection, study and presentation of many of these most versatile Mantras. The sincerity of the […] Read More