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West Entrance House means Life with Struggle

Aug 25, 2012 by vasturaviraj Comments: 0

According to Indian Vastushastra, West = Waste which means life with heavy efforts and poor success. However west entrances properties, if purchased in the name of female members, and also if involved in business activities of feminine products gives moderate success. In the map of the house here, the entrance is at the West, slightly towards South-West, however within the influence region of the West, which is totally negative. The living room of this house is spread across West and South-West which is negatives. It gives  a lot of struggle with instability, however if the host (couple) use it as master bedroom during night time it will definitely ensures good stability. One toilet bathroom is situated in south plus south-West, which is totally negative and creates problems of financial blockade or losses. The second toilet-bathroom is across the East in which the bathroom is positive but the toilet is negative and it may lead to problems with health and academic progress of children. The presence of the kitchen in the south-east is good. The temple or Abode of God in East of South-East is negative. We strongly recommend shifting in North-East region somewhere in existing master bedroom with a curtain […] Read More