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Vastushastra for Temples

Aug 01, 2012 by vasturaviraj Comments: 0

If the proposed site of plot gets natural source of water like river, pond or sea and that to especially on North-East side is the best. A square shape plot is an ideal choice for temple. The temple plot should be divided into four plots. In which the main temple should be constructed in South-West region then the grainary and stores should be located in North-West. Water storage in North-East and kitchen as well as lodging for devotees should be constructed in South-East region. Main entrance should be preferred in either East or North. Slope of the plot should be from South-West to Northeast. Temple should have open space on all four directions. Big halls for different types of spiritual functions can be constructed in the South or West region Temple with roads on all four directions is considered to be the best Image/s used are for representation purpose only. Read More