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Vastushastra for Bureaucrat and Businessman.

Mar 14, 2013 by vasturaviraj Comments: 0

Knowledge, perseverance, sincerity and luck are the four important attributes that contribute to success in any field.  However, on analyzing thousands of residential and commercial premises, I am of the strong opinion that in addition to these four qualities, the fifth most important aspect is Vastushastra.  In spite of possessing these four attributes many people have not been able to attain success or their achievements are not commensurate with their potentialities.  The number of such people is large.  Many monopoly or import substitute Units with tremendous business potential have literally failed due to fundamental Vastu defects.  But on the rectification of these vastu problems, the same units or individuals have attained remarkable success.  I have encountered numerous such cases. The above five attributes have thus been playing a vital role in the ultimate success of an individual or a unit.  Vastushastra of both the residential and the commercial premises have equal importance.  The residential vastu provides the basic foundation for success by conferring a healthy body and strong mind to the individual.   This enables the individual to take appropriate decisions and lead the enterprise to greater heights.  Thus vastushastra helps in enhancing the progress of the business. In the present […] Read More