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Understanding Yantras

Aug 13, 2012 by vasturaviraj Comments: 1

What is a Yantra and how does it work? A Yantra is basically a sort of spiritual drawing in which there are different types of circles, triangles, squares, specific symbols like Swastik, Om, Specific digits and Beej mantras. The Yantras may also consist of some symbols of flowers such as Lotus, weapons, animals. All these together form a specific circuit which is capable of developing specific positive energies. In scientific terminology, these yantras can be considered as energy circuits. The energy produced by these circuits is for the entire mankind and not for any religion, though these may have been designed by anyone. What are types and categories of Yantras ? There are thousands of Yantras and thousands of their types. The Yantras can be categorized as follows: 1. Yantras for neutralizing Vastu defects. 2. Yantras for combating against negative energies. 3. Yantras for Prosperity and 4. Yantras for specific purposes. What is the significance of Shree Yantra and Kuber Yantra ? The ancient sages from India have hailed SHREE YANTRA as the King of the Yantras or “Yantraraaj”, and truly so because of the immense benefits the same bestows on the holder. The word “SHREE” is dedicated to the […] Read More