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Jul 27, 2012 by vasturaviraj Comments: 0

For the last decade the Country has observed a constant surge in the industrial unrest and the loss in productivity as well as that of the image of the Country outside in a Global environment. There have been instances leading to violence as well. At one time the industrial environment was envied by even the developed nations and today we might have to lose on others. For every industry, the ancient Indian Vastushastra should be of utmost importance. If the upcoming and new plants are provided with excellent Vastu compliance, we may find that the Country redeems its place in the Global scenario. To arrive at Vastu compliance in case of an industry is a very tough job and needs a dedicated expertise due to various factors which cannot be compromised such as production flowchart and Factory laws and regulations. Therefore accommodating these with the Vastu principles should take precedence. Vastushastra can help you in all the aspects for a positive industry from selecting the plot to design and up to the commissioning of the plant for regular production. It is totally effective in bringing up the industry like never before. What is to be seen in case of a […] Read More