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Developer Blues for Phase II

Aug 10, 2012 by vasturaviraj Comments: 0

I am a leading developer and Phase II of my project is now going on. In Phase I, I have constructed seven buildings of seven floors each. This has been a totally successful venture. Phase II is with three towers of 27 floors each. Phase II is exactly in the North-East region of Phase I. The project is going through very rough weather. How can Vastushastra help me out of this? As per your question, the Ist Phase of seven wrong. According to Vastushastra the SW region should be heaviest, followed by SE and NW respectively. In fact the NE should be as open and light as possible. In your case you have seven buildings in SW meaning 7×7=49 floors. Whereas in Phase II, you have 27×3=81 floors, which has made NE very very heavy and under such circumstances, your project is bound to be stuck or come to a standstill. Further a word of caution for you is that any heavy promotional buildings that you have completed have been in the SW region of the plot. This according to Vastushastra is absolutely right and you attained tremendous success. However the placement of buildings in the the second phase is […] Read More