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Auspicious and inauspicious effects of South Direction

Elevation in the South direction confers beneficial results. A higher wall in the South side is positive. Water storage in overhead tank or at an elevation in the south is favorable and underground water storage is inauspicious. An entrance in the South of South East brings favorable results. Stair case in the South is auspicious. Construction of a floor bordering the wall in the South side is auspicious. Location of electric motor, transformer in South is negative while it is positive if located in the South East. In industrial establishments it is beneficial to have parking arrangements for heavy vehicles in the South. Lesser height or slope in the South direction in relation to the South West is beneficial. High doors or elevated steps in the South are extremely               positive. Construction in the South at a lower level than the street is inauspicious. During distribution of property, retention of the North side is favorable for the spiritual, mental and academic progress while it is negative in other aspects. While distributing property, the portion in the South should be given to the elder brother and that in the North should be given to younger brother. Slope of the house in the […] Read More