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Auspicious and Inauspicious effects of East Direction

If there is slope towards East and a bathroom is located therein, it confers good health, prosperity and benefits of office. If the plot, verandah or rooms of a house slope towards the East, it ensures prosperity, royal fortune, authority of office and also helps in the development of intellect. There is prosperity if more open space is left on the East side. A pond or water source in the East will give best progeny. Flowing water in the East is auspicious. A well located on a slope in East will give abundant grains and wealth. Main Entrance on the East and other doors in the house facing east is auspicious. Main door in the East and doors facing North East direction are auspicious. If the steps in the East are lower than the main sanctum of the house, it confers harmony, prosperity and peace. Construction of a House with porch or verandah in the East will ensure abundance of food grains and wealth. It is particularly beneficial if the walls in the East are lower in height. Empty space with a slope towards East in a plot is very ideal. There should be more open space in the East […] Read More