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Auspicious and inauspicious effects of South West Direction

  • Greater height in South West gives beneficial results.
  • Higher construction in South West is good for health and happiness.
  • Placing of garbage at a height in South West is positive.
  • An overhead water tank in South West direction is always good.  However, it must be ensured that there is no leakage.
  • Main entrance in South West with door towards West gives Negative results.
  • Staircase in South West is positive.
  • It is beneficial for health if an upper floor is built in the   South West region.
  • Location of the Office of the Head of Business in the South West is positive.
  • Parking arrangement for heavy vehicles in South West is positive.
  • South West direction should be on higher level than the South.
  • Steps  in the South West at a higher elevation than the house is positive.
  • It is not beneficial to rent out a place in South West.
  • While sharing of property between two brothers, the elder should stay in the South West while the younger should occupy North East.
  • While renting premises, the owner should retain South West portion so that he retains control over the property and avoid trouble from the tenant.
  • A slope in the South West is harmful in all respect.
  • Keeping vacant space in South West gives very harmful results.
  • Construction of toilet in South West is negative.
  • Construction of well or pond in South West is inauspicious.
  • Outlet for waste water from the South West leads to disease and poverty.
  • Door in the South West facing South invites Serious troubles.
  • Door in South West facing South West may result in to Problems.
  • Verandah in South West gives negative results.
  • Location of Electric Meter in South West can result in accidents.
  • A sloping roof in South West is harmful.
  • Location of Basement in South West is very detrimental and can result in untimely tremendous struggle series of serious problems etc.
  • A street in front of South West entrance is bad.
  • Location of dining hall in South West is negative.
  • Kitchen in South West is not beneficial.
  • Steps at with lower elevation than the house in South West is not auspicious.
  • Construction of house at a higher elevation than the road in South West is not good.
  • Location of septic tank or any underground water storage, drainage, canals, water body etc. in South West means  heavy financial losses, instability, accidents etc.

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  1. Shilpa Joshi

    actually i want some guidance or suggestion for our Main entrance which is in South West with door towards West . Can we use any specific color to get less impact of -ve things. & will get the + ve effect.

    November 26, 2012 Reply

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