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Auspicious and Inauspicious effects of East Direction

  • If there is slope towards East and a bathroom is located therein, it confers good health, prosperity and benefits of office.
  • If the plot, verandah or rooms of a house slope towards the East, it ensures prosperity, royal fortune, authority of office and also helps in the development of intellect.
  • There is prosperity if more open space is left on the East side.
  • A pond or water source in the East will give best progeny.
  • Flowing water in the East is auspicious.
  • A well located on a slope in East will give abundant grains and wealth.
  • Main Entrance on the East and other doors in the house facing east is auspicious.
  • Main door in the East and doors facing North East direction are auspicious.
  • If the steps in the East are lower than the main sanctum of the house, it confers harmony, prosperity and peace.
  • Construction of a House with porch or verandah in the East will ensure abundance of food grains and wealth.
  • It is particularly beneficial if the walls in the East are lower in height.
  • Empty space with a slope towards East in a plot is very ideal.
  • There should be more open space in the East than in the West direction while constructing a house.
  • If there is only one door to the House then it should be located on the East side.
  • It is beneficial if the door of a Locker or Treasury opens towards the East, North or North East direction.
  • If two brothers are staying separately in the same house, the elder brother should stay in the West and younger brother should occupy the East side.
  • In every house, East direction is auspicious and those who occupy East will enjoy prosperity.
  • Sun rays entering from the Eastern door are beneficial.
  • If two families of same lineage are living in one plot, then the entrances of two individual vastus must be in the East side and they should be separate.
  • There is lack of health, wealth and academic progress if there is kitchen, toilet or cut in the East, NorthEast or  North.
  • If the East direction is elevated than all other directions and if there is toilet, garbage bin, heap of stones etc. in this direction, then one suffers from diseases of Heart, Eyes, blood pressure, heat ailments etc.  It also indicates loss of authority.
  • If the East side is elevated, it indicates harm to progeny, ill health for male members and wasteful expenditure.
  • Location of garbage bin or accumulation of pebbles in the East shall result in harm to children and loss of wealth.
  • A kitchen located in the East results in loss of wealth, grains and bad health.
  • A toilet in the East is not conducive for academic progress of the children.
  • A Prayer room is considered to be ideal in the East.

In short, if there is any Vastu defect in the East direction like location of kitchen, toilet, cut, elevation, stair case leading upwards, high rise walls and less open space then there is loss of health, wealth and hindrances in academic progress.
This effect is called EAH effect:  E – Emoluments, A – Academics and H – Health.

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  1. A very very helpful blog to practice in day to day life.
    Every subject is very clearly explained on all aspects and doubts.
    I keep reading the blog again and again and try to incorporate the views of Shri Ahirrao on this science of vastu.

    October 03, 2012 Reply
  2. Girish

    We are planning to construct G+2 individual house, wanted to know who should stay in which floor. My parents(mom nd dad) , elder brother nd younger brother who should stay in which floor. Please let me know.

    July 18, 2017 Reply

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