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A Practical Approach

We are renowned developers. Nowadays we have a demand from customers that they want flats/abodes as per Vastushastra. In the multistoried buildings with mirror image concepts in vogue, is it possible to develop buildings exactly as per Vastushastra? 

It is absolutely possible to develop residential/ commercial real estate projects totally as per Vastu with due respect to the science of Architecture, Government Bye-laws and the practical approach to be considered from the developers’ angle. In this regard, we have done several projects in India and abroad.
First and foremost, all of us should work with open minds and without any prejudices. Secondly, we must give up the traditional mirror image concept because it is possible to incorporate full VASTU compliance with lease deviation from mirror image and in this way we can ensure 75 to 80% Vastu compliance in every individual premise/ flat.
In this context, we start with the plot analysis in the first place and take details of the proposed buildings/ project. Then while on one side we suggest Remedial Measures for vastu defects in the plot and on the other side, we provide you a project layout in which the correct placement of various aspects of the project such as entrance gate, position of buildings within the plot (as per Bye-laws), Underground water tank, Electric substation, Swimming pool, Club house, Parking and all other probable amenities.
In the next stage, the developer, architect and vastu consultant come together to finalise the floor plans. Here all the NINE major important aspects of a house such as entrance, living room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, toilet, abode of God, central Brahma region and the cuts arising due to compulsions of elevation.
However, even if you construct an individual bungalow, 100% vastu compliance is not possible. In a multi-storied building 75 to 80% vastu compliance can be achieved. That means out of the major NINE parameters maximum parameters could be made absolutely as per Vastushastra. Certain parameters going against the Vastushastra have to be accepted as a measure of practical approach or compromising with practicability. This can be cured through Remedial Measures and can make the project 100% Vastu Compliant.
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