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Vastushastra is a metaphysical science that deals in synchronizing five elements with eight directions. It also takes into consideration the effect to gravitational force, and universal energies along with cosmic energies on human life. According development of residential, commercial, industrial premises to get the best effect of natural energy forces to make human life more comfortable, happy. Prosperous, healthy and peaceful.

Vastushastra services includes selection of new vastu, neutralizing vastu defects of existing premises, without stryctural demolition, planning, designing of new projects. In short, vatushastra consultancy and teaching are the main career opportunities available in this field.

As far as career potentials are concerned they are enormous and it is a totally untapped segment. Presently this market is totally dominated by the unorganized. Self-educated and totally indiscipline, non-professional, traditional vastu consultants. The way fengshui has been marketed the world over with very good acceptance.

On a domestic level in a country like India there are about 350 million dwelling of residential, commercial, industrial and social utility. All these dwelling need vastushastra correction remedies as well as consultancy. The growing awareness about this subject has created enormous demand for vastushastra. However presently self-educated, non-professionals are catering to this demand.

There are very few organization and institutes. Which can be counted on the fingertips, providing perfectly scientific and professional services in vastushastra.

With the growing economy, industry, corporate, individuals and the real estate segment will provide a huge demand for vastushastra consultancy and remedial measures. Secondly, on the international level, the way fengshui the Chinese art, has been promoted and marketed by Europeans and Americans, it has penetrated all over the globe. The latest reports on Google Search indicate that there are about fifteen lakh hits on fengshui related websites as against only 33,000 hits on vastushastra website all over the globe. Moreover, Indian vastushastra is much more comprehensive and effective with 100% universal application scope than fengshui, hence the market potential for Indian vastushastra is very very high if marked and promoted properly.

Vastushastra Education Research Foundation (VERF) popularly known as “Vasturaviraj” is the premier institute of this nation, providing completely scientific and highly extensive theoretical knowledge with practical training. With hundreds of case studies, project reports, assignments and complete comprehensive knowledge about remedial measures of non-structural demolition.

Until now, more than 3000 professionals have been trained by this premier institute. Most are civil engineers, architects. Interior designers, civil contractors and real estate developers for whom it is complementary to their existing profession.

Any individual irrespective of age and profession including college students can easily acquire complete knowledge in vastushastra which can ensure them either full time or part time career opportunities in vastushastra consultancy and remedial measures. With handsome earnings plus lot of respect in society because of traditional science with its spiritual back ground.

Vasturaviraj itself is able to provide job opportunities as well as perfect marketing skill. This is a upcoming marketing those who enter in earlier stage will be benefitted much in long run before it goes into cut throat competition.

To know more about how to make a career in Vastushastra, Call on – 022 – 67847600 / 01 / 08 / 25443020/ 25442030 /3200 1122



  1. Rahul More

    want to make career in vastushastra

    October 04, 2017 Reply
    • vasturaviraj

      Dear Rahul,
      Please contact us on 02267847641/40 or you can send your contact no to us so we can give you the whole details of VASTUSHASTRA.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Vasturaviraj Group.

      October 04, 2017 Reply

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