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27% Vastu…

Sometimes dwellings are with definite Vastu defects. Here is a practical case. The entrance and passage would have been merged with living room. But it is just at the center of the house and under the influence of Southwest. This is totally negative.

The Living Room is where Master Bedroom  should have been.  The TV in South is negative. The house owner sits in West and the guests in West/Southwest. This is negative.

The bedroom should have been in the Southwest. It is in the North/Northwest and negative, as you are sleeping exactly in opposite direction of prosperity. Naturally this adversely affects stability, financial inflow and gives a debt ridden life with no credit or appreciation for your sincere work.

There is another major vastu defect in this house. The toilet in the Northeast and a cut besides creating obstacles in education of the children and health problems in the family.

Some positivity is provided by the bathroom in the East and the Kitchen in the Southeast. But the pooja place in South/Southwest is negative. The house is under the influence of negative energies and by placing the God in demonic region, they have made the God inactive. All the progress is held up for no

This house was just 27% positive. However with the remedial measures without any structural demolition, the house became 95% vastu compliant and the family started getting positive results within a short time.

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